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There is a wealth of information online about how to sing, but at certain points, most singers will need one-on-one guidance.
Original Publish Date: October 20 2020
Last updated: December 4, 2020

In case you are not aware, re-folding a portable green screen into its tiny circular case seems to defy the laws of physics. After 87 attempts, I personally began to doubt my grip on reality. So, I turned to the modern fount of knowledge: YouTube. In about one second, I found a video of a man folding up the exact same green screen. He made it look more than doable. Still, I could not do it! The product that supposedly “packs up in seconds” would simply not bend to my will.

In the end, my husband and co-founder of Singdaptive grabbed the screen, closed his eyes and – I kid you not – in a trance-like state, as if summoning the gods to guide his hands, he began to manipulate the ornery piece of fabric. I happened to look away for a moment, and when I looked back, it was done! We stood staring at each other.

There is a lot of great instructional content on YouTube. If you want to learn how to do something, and if – If – you are careful to search for well-established and respected teachers, you can find sound advice. Our green screen video didn’t help me, but other people may have found it effective. For me success required having a coach in the room, watching me and guiding me so I could learn how to do it correctly.

I think there are parallels to learning singing skills – it’s possible to learn from YouTube, but sometimes you need an experienced coach in the room with you! One of our goals at Singdaptive is to curate just the right content and match it to your profile so you can have just as close an experience to a ‘coach in the room’ as possible. And now we are working on a project to give our subscribers one-on-one interaction with a skilled teacher. To find out more, check out our webinar – see below!

To find out more about how singers develop, take Understand the Major Forms of Vocal Training by Janine Le Clair.

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