Not “Just” a Community Choir: Brighton Goes Gospel

brighton goes gospel community choir rehearsal
This choir electrifies its audience – but what happens behind the scenes is also high voltage!

An unforgettable choir performance moment:

Definitely the finale of the last choir performance which was ‘We Are The World’. We invited children from the audience to the stage, some of whom were the children of choir members. This gave the song more meaning, evoking emotion, connection and reflection.

Rehearsal Fun Fact:

We make a weekly podcast of rehearsal recordings sop members can learn, practise and be prepared for the next workshop.


Name: Brighton Goes Gospel
Location: Brighton, UK
Style: Gospel
Number of singers: 140-160
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Most emotional moment in a performance:

When we performed ‘Bridge Over Troubled Water’. We projected images during the song of the London Grenfell fire tragedy, refugees being rescued out of the water, images of Para-Olympians competing and supporting one another helped convey the song’s message. In a time of division we can all choose to be a bridge over someone else’s troubled water.

A turning point in the life of your choir:

Our tenth anniversary! This was something that people didn’t expect from a self-funded community choir. We invited 16 special guests to perform alongside us including an award-winning gospel choir, pyrotechnics, a mass balloon drop, confetti canons, a world champion roller-skating Father Christmas giving out 100s of gifts to the audience, world champion street dancers, an award-winning rapper. It put us on the map – people thought “Oh gosh, these people aren’t just a community choir!”

Something unique about the choir:

Our Musical Directors, special guests and band members are well respected, world travelled seasoned musicians. That can come as a surprise to the choir members as they have worked for many years in the music industry with artists such as Stevie Wonder, Elton John, Mariah Carey, Luther Vandross etc.

A piece of repertoire you never regretted choosing:

All of it! I’ve never regretted any song we’ve sung because they have all meant something, and hopefully did something for someone else too.

How does your choir bond as a group?

Through the numerous spontaneous unplanned magical moments where the music and vibe just take over and transport the choir to a place of freedom and expression. The atmosphere is contagious, electric and beyond satisfying, it’s exhilarating and in some cases, life changing.

Many thanks to choir manager Louise Channon for sharing these insights!

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