New Ways to Interpret Your Songs

Ted Jameson Creating a New Song Interpretation
These practical tips come from singers making an impact with their music on social media.

Familiarity can breed performance ruts for singers.

So, we asked some artists we’ve enjoyed on Instagram how they stumble into new, creative ways to interpret their songs.

And we just love their answers!  

Play with Tempo.  Eryn Sharpe @eryn.sharpe – Slow it way down or pick up the pace and you’ll notice rhythmic ideas that may have escaped you before. Or, you may find new ways to interpret the melody so that it fits the tempo. Listening to different singers can also open your ears up to new ways of doing things even without listening to renditions of the same song. I surprise myself with ideas that seem to come out of nowhere on songs I’ve sung a million times and then realize that it is only as mysterious as “who have I been listening to lately?”.

Broaden Your Musical Tastes. Ted Jameson @tedjamesonmusic– Try and be more eclectic, and more open minded. We are what we eat, and same goes to what we listen to as well. What I’m saying is, if you can broaden your catalogue of musical tastes, the more you’ll be able to call upon all sorts of ideas for you to interpret a song. What I would do every weekend is pick a genre of music you rarely listen to, pick whatever popular song for that genre at that time, and try and mimic it. Understand it. Educate yourself. 

Play with Parameters. Daisy @daisypmusic – I love to listen to another artists cover songs, to remind myself just how easily you can change the meaning and overall vibe of a song by just slowing it down, speeding it up, playing around with different keys etc. Also, given that my covers are just done with me and a guitar, the emotion of the song has no production to hide behind, which definitely helps me to connect to it far more.

Improvise.  LINZ  @kevin_lin_diary – By incorporating improvisations and ad-libs, I tend to find new melodies and stories from the song, which expands the perspective of my initial image for the song, thus helping me to sing the cover song in a more refreshing way.  Another creative and traditional way is rewriting the lyrics of the song at least three times in different shapes or forms (such as using the lyrics to create an image of a tree, etc). This also sparks new backstories and ideas for the song and for singing the cover song with a different imagination and emotional expression. 

Have Fun.  – ARI @aribry18 Song lyrics hit differently when they are relatable. I personally sing the best when I am singing songs that I can relate to because I know what it feels like to live the lyric so to speak. A way that I access new ways to sing a song is to just play with it. Be yourself, incorporate your own vibe, and leave your mark on that song. But most of all have fun. Your best will come out when you’re in a good mood.

Get Inspired by Jamming. Lorenzo Broggi @Psyke.artist – Since I’ve been singing, I tried to adapt covers to my voice, letting every song flowing into a different story and feeling. More I feel free of judgment, more I explore melodies and rhythms mixing different songs. I get inspired by jam sessions, and by meeting musicians on the street that flows together, absorbing part of their style and creating something new, pure and connected to my soul as much as I can.

More About Our Contributors:

Eryn Sharpe holds a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria (2018) and teaches voice through South Island Studio. Highlights of her career thus far have included feature performances in the Victoria International Jazz Festival, recording with Grammy-winning producer Joby Baker, and holding down a regular gig at Victoria’s iconic Pagliacci’s. See her song The Sun has Swallowed the Moon on YouTube.

Singer Ted Jameson

Ted Jameson is a Toronto singer/songwriter and member of The Muso Project. Ted is a music lover & creator. Check out his music on SoundCloud. Instagram: @tedjamesonmusic Twitter: @IAmTedJameson

Singer Daisy Peacock from Sheffield, UK

Daisy Peacock is a 15 year old singer songwriter from Sheffield, UK. In 2016, she gained a place in the final of the Song Academy Young Songwriter Competition with her original song ‘Beautiful’, earning her positive feedback from the likes of Tom Odell, Jamie Theakston and Tim Laws. More recently, Daisy’s latest song ‘2am’ caught the attention of new media company Media Legend which led to its music video release in May 2019. Daisy is currently working on new songs for her EP, while also posting covers on her Instagram @daisypmusic. Listen to 2am on SoundCloud and catch the video on YouTube.

Singer Songwriter LINZ

LINZ grew up in the city of Taipei and has loved to sing since the age of 3. He started taking a serious interest in singing, dancing, acting, and performing at the age of 16 and later on enrolled in UC Irvine’s Drama Program with an emphasis in Musical Theatre and Acting. After graduating recently with a Major in Drama, Minor in Management, and a Certificate in Art Management, he is aiming to make a living as a recording artist in this lifetime.  Check out his new channel on YouTube and his instagram page.

Ari  - singer songwriter

Ari is a singer-songwriter based in New York City who has been writing songs since she was 8 years old. She plans to start recording and releasing her music in the future but in the meantime stays busy posting covers of songs that she loves on her Instagram @aribry18.

Lorenzo Broggi musician

Lorenzo Broggi (@psyke.artist) is a singer/musician with a passion for art and drawing. Lorenzo says , “I’ve been travelling, physically and spiritually since 2013, changing my life and receiving so much wisdom and inspiration. I love to share my feelings through art and music, connecting to people.” 

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