Musical Inspiration from Life

Singers share the passions and hobbies that help fuel their music.

We asked some up and coming singer/songwriters and artists, “What non musical things inspire you and your music?”

Here’s what they shared:

Inspiration from literature

Terri-Jade @terrijademusic – Recently I have taken an interest in Greek myths. I came across the myth about Medusa, and fell in love with the story and the many ways the myth can be interpreted. This led me to look more into Greek mythology, and found it to be a true source of inspiration. For me the gods are very powerful, amazing creatures, but they are also very human-like when it comes to their emotions. It wasn’t long before I had written a few songs about them, and based my music projects on this theme. Rewriting the myths through my personal emotions and experiences made it easier to be more truthful in my lyrics, yet still being enables me to exaggerate, and have full on drama!

Passion for theater

Alyssa Soleil @Alyssa.soleil – Something I’m passionate about, other than singing, would have to be acting! I started in the show business when I was around 13 coming out in commercials for companies such as Disney; and ever since then, it’s been my dream to work for them someday! When I was also 13, I appeared on an episode of Telemundo’s “La Voz Kids”, and that of course only fueled my love for singing even more. All of the work that I have done singing and acting have definitely inspired me to keep working towards my dreams, and because of all of the work that I’ve done, I have faith that they’ll come true someday.

Love for friends and family

Elizabeth Royall @elizabethroyallmusic – I am most passionate about my relationships with friends, family and even myself. All of these have taught me immense lessons that I use to translate hope and positivity to my music. I like to inspire a sort of “light at the end of the tunnel” message or an opportunity to self-reflect and grow through the lyrics I write or sing, as each relationship (the good and bad) has allowed me to explore as well.

Affinity for painting

RAZEL @razelzap – Recently, one non-musical thing that I have been passionate about is painting! I have been obsessed with using acrylic paints on canvases. I specifically like painting cartoons, especially SpongeBob memes and Avatar: The Last Airbender characters! I have been painting almost everyday because I’m on summer break! While I paint, I usually listen to music or binge Avatar on Netflix. Painting has fueled my passion for music because this skill is just another form of art! It allows me to be more creative, not only with my voice, but with my manual dexterity skills! Here are some of the paintings I made! :)

Eye for fashion

Angela Wright @angela_wright – I really enjoy fashion and photography. Even in high school I would stay up really late and pick out my outfit for the next day to make sure everything matched and was as spunky and fitting to my mood as I could! I wouldn’t call myself a photographer by any means but I think photography, film, art, and music all are different ways of conveying a beautiful message. It captures moments and feelings in time and I’ve always loved that.

Life itself

Vessy Mink @vessymink – I am passionate about being a mother. The inspiration that flows from children is un-ending and flows through every crevice of a persons life. Being present for ones children opens up the doors to an infinite amount of possibilities for their abilities and talents to be honed in on. It’s difficult for me to answer this question as separate from “music” because I feel that life is in fact, music. Fractals of time and space dancing on and on and on, our children are the storytellers with day to day realities that beckon to be heard and documented. I love to document their works of art stemming from all genres, specifically, visual art, singing, instrument playing, writing, recordings of original songs including family jams, film making, photography, observing nature building and so much more. I want my children to know the power that they have in creating their stories, and feel empowered by being able to represent their feelings and emotions in whichever way they can. Read more from Vessy.

More about our contributors:


Terri-Jade, 25, is an english singer/songwritter who lives in Normandy, France. She has been composing, singing and performing since she was a child. She currently sings in an acoustic duo called Teejay and is also gearing up to debut a new solo project which has more pop/electronic influences. Find out more about Teejay on Instagram and Facebook. See what Terri-Jade is up to on her Instagram @terrijademusic , Facebook, and website.


RAZEL (pronounced like “Razzle-dazzle”) is a 21 year old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles, California! She started singing when she was 2 years old when her dad decided it was time to bring out the karaoke machine! Her parents are both from the Philippines, and she is proud to be a Filipina-American woman! ???? She is a middle child! (FUN FACT: Her older brother’s name is Raz and her younger sister’s name is Razelee. Yes, it gets kinda confusing, but they do have unique names!) Her hobbies include eating ice cream, going on boba runs, painting, playing basketball, spending quality time with friends & family, petting people’s dogs, and watching SpongeBob Squarepants! Check out RAZEL’s new single, “Take Me Out” on Spotify and Apple Music! Social media: Instagram | YouTube

Angela Wright

Angela Wright, age 20, is an indie pop artist originally from Salt Lake City, Utah and currently based in Nashville, TN. She has an impressive vocal range and style, with a diversified performance background. Her music speaks to many listeners in the way she weaves together her influences from pop, rock, and indie genres. Some of her biggest influences are Etta James, Chris Isaak, Lana Del Rey, Kacey Musgraves, Maggie Rogers, Florence and The Machine, Adele, Cigarettes After Sex, and Phoebe Bridgers. She attended Berklee College of Music in Boston in 2018/19 as a vocal principle in songwriting. In 2019 she decided to head to Nashville to seek the next chapter in her solo career. Be sure to check out Angela’s recent single Siren Call and follow her on Instagram @Angela_wright.

Vessy Mink

Vessy Mink is a Chicago based singer/songwriter, who is known for connecting with audience’s hearts the moment she begins to play. Having performed in various cities across the USA as well as overseas, her passion for music has ignited and inspired her to create songs on demand, honoring those who need them the most. Vessy’s current musical projects include: ARC Arinova Rhythm Collective, THM NME, Vessy Mink’s Children’s Music and various unique solo projects collaborating with artists from all over the world. Some of Vessy’s songs have been featured on TV shows such as the Gilmore Girls. Her tunes have also been licensed to national commercials, feature films and documentaries. When not writing and producing music out of her home studio, Vessy Mink is hard at work being the mother of four. She believes that children are instruments of peace and finds great comfort and inspiration in being around them. Vessy taught children’s music on and off at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago for the much loved Wiggleworms program. In doing so, she’s performed at children’s birthday parties and special events across the Chicagoland area. For more info about Vessy, follow her on Instagram @vessymink and check out her website!

Elizabeth Royall

Elizabeth Royall @elizabethroyallmusic is an Indie Pop singer-songwriter based in Ottawa, Ontario. She first became interested in music around the age of 4, when her older sister started teaching her to sing. With influences such as Sasha Sloan, Renforshort, Melanie Martinez, Lennon Stella and Billie Eilish, Elizabeth is a force to be reckoned with. She looks forward to releasing original music in the coming year that reflects her life, personal struggles and growth. Be the first to know about her releases by following her on Instagram.

Alyssa Soleil

Alyssa Soleil @alyssa.soleil is a 16 year old Mexican-American singer and actress. She is known for her appearances on Chicago P.D. (2014), Es Un Show (2019), and The Voice Kids (2013) according to IMDB.

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