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How to overcome negative feelings about your singing.
Published: September 28, 2021

Move Past Singing Insecurity

The number one killer of productive practice for singers is insecurity. If you come to your practice session and you are full of doubts as to whether you are good enough, if you can do this gig or not, or feeling generally unhappy with your voice, I can promise you, your practice session will not be very productive!

I remember countless hours spent in practice rooms at my music school where my singing wasn’t getting ANY better from my practice. I was actually just tiring out my voice with a whole lot of tension due to feeling so inferior to all my classmates and stressing about how to keep up. 

Then one day I noticed how much I enjoyed practicing for the musicals I was performing outside of the college, and in comparison, how happy I was with my sound and my performances. By looking at a different context, I realized how much of a difference my attitude – and my insecurity – was making to my singing.

You may think practicing is all about your sound and the notes, but it’s actually about your brain! So my tip for you this week is to say out loud to your self THREE things you like about your voice and musicianship just before you go into your next practice!

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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