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‘Share your stories’

“We really love to share each others stories, here.

I write music all the time. It comes in spurts while washing dishes and doing daily chores. We have a recording studio in our home, so when the idea is fresh in my head, I document the idea initially on my I phone but then go to the studio when I have a window to lay down the idea, write the song and track it to a click. After that I listen to what I’ve done and share with different musical teams that end up adding their own voice and/or instrument to it. Just the other day, I had to remove two ticks from my children and not so long afterwards, I was cleaning the bathtub and saw another little insect hiding behind the shampoo bottle.

And so the song INSECT was born.

Its first lyric being “I see little insect legs standing in a line.” The melody and lyric are very catchy and at first I thought it was insignificant…who sings about bugs? But then I imagined much more and the story began to write itself. I tracked that one right after my bath. I just received the piano and backing vocals of my amazing cousin in the UK, Mariana Bogdanova, who is also a musician. We are very excited to release this song in August. 

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