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Get the audience involved

Another way is to create a moment of crowd participation right at the part of the song that you’re most insecure about (ie. If you know the words to this part let me hear you sing…)

Be honest with your audience.

Lastly, sometimes if its a very intimate setting, being completely transparent and honest with your audience can make you more likable, relatable and easy to forgive. (ie. I’m sorry guys… I messed that up… lets do it again. Adele did it at the 2018 grammys)

After the show, encourage yourself!

Yes, I beat myself up every time and I don’t forgive myself for making a mistake. I strive for perfection and when I fall short I’m really hard on myself about it. The truth is, nobody is perfect and even your most favorite singer makes mistakes too. You often times won’t catch it because in Hollywood there’s a lot of smokes and mirrors to cover it up for them. So I’m continuously trying to remind myself that its ok to make a mistake because I’m human.

The benefit of mistakes

The more mistakes is the more you get to correct them until you get to a point where you’re mistakes are now far and few between. Its a process, go through it! It takes 10,000 hours to master any craft, so you’re now you’re even closer to being a master at your craft. Adele, Whitney, and many other great performers have made the same mistake and it never stopped their success so this won’t stop yours either.

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