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Know what works for you!

I am quite shy in some ways, and I blush a lot when I perform. I was advised to talk about being nervous and mention my blushing as a way of coping with it. I tried this, and it was not the way to handle my nerves; it made it worse. It attracted even more attention to my red face and neck, and I became even more flustered. I now ignore it, which seems to work best for me, and have performance anxiety medication I take an hour before I perform. I only take the medication if I need it, and I have noticed I don’t use it that much now. I used to have one drink before I performed to calm my nerves, and that was a negative thing that I had to cut out. Drinking can exacerbate flushing and blushing. 

Practice like it’s the real thing!

I practice all my songs at home as if I am on stage with an audience. I am dressed and made up and do my talk in between songs and put on a full performance. I find this extremely helpful. I also perform for family and friends as if I’m in a concert hall, and the feedback I receive helps me much to finesse my stage personality.

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