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Warm ups!

Warming up your voice is just like any other physical workout – if you want to stay in shape, you have to workout the entire instrument. You wouldn’t lift weights with just one arm – you workout the entire body. It’s the same thing with your voice. I always try to touch my highest note at least once or twice warming up (high E6 or F6, depending on the day), even if I’m not singing in my high range for a performance. It allows the voice to stay flexible and well balanced. And as my teacher says “with high notes, you either use them or you lose them!”.

Never hurts to double check!

And then I make sure I double check my music and supplies (clothes, hair and make up products), etc. About 15 years ago, I didn’t double check my music binder before an audition, and sure enough, I left music at home and didn’t have it when the audition panel called for it. You only have to do that once before you’re more careful in the future!

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