Mental Preparation for Performance – Checklist

Getting ready for a performance has both a physical side - and a mental side.

You will be preparing for your performance in many ways – doing warmups, memorizing music, working on technique…

It’s also important to do mental preparation!  The list below comes from Mark Baxter’s lesson video on mental preparation for a performance.

Checklist – 7 Items

  • _____ I have reminded myself that my performance is not an audition.  I have already passed the audition; now people are coming to enjoy (and not judge) the performance!
  • _____ I’ve told myself, “I am good enough to do this.”
  • _____ I’ve thought through the logistics of travel
  • _____ I have made a plan for what I am going to wear
  • _____ I have formed a sense of the timing – when I am going to practice, leave the house, start setting up, etc.
  • _____ I have made a list of things for which I can have gratitude – no matter how small.
  • _____ (for frequent performers:) I’ve made some small changes to get out of ruts (clothing, position on stage, set list, song tempo etc.) 
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