Making a Great Cover Video – Ni/Co Tells All

With over 8 million views on YouTube, LA based duo Ni/Co shares their secrets in building their successful video content.

In a little over a year on Youtube, Los Angeles based pop duo Ni/Co surpassed over 8 million views across multiple videos and continues to gain traction on their socials with cover videos that hook listeners immediately.

We had to know their process, and we were blown away to discover that it can be broken down into just a few steps. Here’s what they shared with us:

“First we pick the song.”

We try and look for things that are popular and songs that really speak to us. Then we come up with an arrangement and produce the track with our producer, Kevin. Finally we track the vocals and film the video in a usually pretty fast turnaround!

“For the video, we use a DSLR.”

We are actually using a camera a parent let us borrow hahaha. We have yet to buy our own!

“For lighting, we recently bought a ring light.”

This really helps us with our quality consistency.

We record and produce in Logic Pro X and edit video in iMovie on our Macs!!

“We are always trying to push ourselves in terms of arranging.”

We try and imagine the songs as they would be if they were ours to begin with and how we would perform them as the artist. We also both really love good vocal arranging and utilizing harmonies with both of us, so we try to incorporate as much of that in each one as we can.

“For socials, we just try and put out good content consistently and give people a little bit of joy from our music!”

It’s also fun recently getting to show more of our silly and relaxed personalities to our followers – which usually are the posts that do better than the “cool looking fully edited professional” type posts!

“We motivate each other A LOT.”

It’s so helpful to have someone else on your team pushing you on days when you really don’t feel about it. We pull inspiration from wanting wholeheartedly to change lives. We both feel like we have an opportunity to spread a positive message to people and that’s what we were brought together to do!

More about Ni/Co

Dani and Colton of Ni/Co

Growing up in Atlanta, Dani found herself leaning into her urban/R&B roots while dancing, singing +recording for some of the most prominent industry professionals. At the same time, Colton spent his high school years in Ohio where he was featured on S2 of NBC’s The Sing Off. After both relocated to Nashville,the two combined their early influences to shape theirunique and fresh sound as a band. Ni/Co has created + written with producers in Nashville, London + LosAngeles. With over 80 gigs under their belt, they have gained an insatiable passion to perform. Ni/Co’s music has been featured on several official Spotify playlists including multiple ‘New Music Fridays’. Their music been on various networks including The CW, VH1, NBC, BET, and Freeform. They’ve also had music used in major promos for ‘World of Dance’ and’The Today Show’, and ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren and Spotify.

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