Make the Dog Whine Sound | This Week’s Feature Lesson

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This playful technique can free your voice from tension.
Published: April 6, 2021

Make the Dog Whine Sound

Tongue tension? Horrible! Jaw tension? Don’t get me started! Neck tension? Stop. You’ve surely heard how bad tension is for singers. Tension is the enemy of resonance and flexibility, but we can’t be a limp noodle, right? Right! Breathing muscles, posture muscles, your articulators, and even tiny muscles inside your larynx are active when you sing. Your CT (cricothyroid) muscles, for example, must stretch your vocal folds more and more as you sing higher notes. Using these tiny muscles in a strain-free way is very healthy for your voice. Let’s give your CT muscles a little workout:

Get ready to imitate a little puppy dog both physically and vocally. Make a dog whine sound with your lips closed, but also do something physical to make you feel like a dog, such as putting your “paws” up in front of you. Don’t try to be quiet; be free and stay relaxed as if you are playing with a child. Go as high as you comfortably can. Keep your jaw, tongue and neck loose and let your breathing muscles do the work for you. Stop after a minute.

Well done! Goofing around – with kids or grown ups or your pet – is one of the best times to explore different vocal sounds such as high notes, belting, twang, or vibrato. You’ll be amazed at the cool sounds you can create – with less tension – when you forget about singing and get goofy.

Kathy  Alexander

VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

This Week’s Feature Lesson

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