Looking Back on 2020 at Singdaptive

Laryngeal massage, Zoom and coping with isolation were popular topics in 2020
Published: December 29, 2020

From Kevin Alexander, CEO

I’ve never had a year in my life that passed as quickly and bumpily as 2020. Yet, despite the challenges of the year, I’ve found myself continually thankful for and impressed by the singers on Singdaptive (hey, that’s you!).

There are thousands of you here on Singdaptive, and you’re a diverse bunch. Every time you take a lesson on our site, you can bet someone less experienced or years ahead of you in singing has also taken the same lesson.

We really enjoyed connecting with those of you that reached out on chat to get help or give feedback. You may have ended up chatting back and forth with our team on improving your range or how to record. We loved that!

Those chats, as well as the numerous times we’ve reached out and talked with many of you, have helped us focus our efforts on making a service that truly helps singers.

In the new year, we’re very excited to be launching a new feature that gives you one-on-one guidance on your singing and musical goals. Stay tuned!

Want to know what singers were up to on Singdaptive this year? Read on to learn which lessons and articles singers clicked on the most.

Best wishes for the new year,

Kevin Alexander
CEO, Singdaptive

You’re Isolated Again!

Turns out, the free course on developing your singing in isolation was important for many of you. In fact, we saw interest in that course increase again in the late fall, perhaps due to the increase in lockdowns.

Check out the course Develop Your Singing in Isolation by a team of Singdaptive instructors.

Can I Get A Massage?

For our full-access subscribers, a bit of “me time” seemed to be important. How and why to do a laryngeal massage was one of the most popular single lessons.

You can upgrade to premium any time, and check out the lesson Laryngeal Massage by Vocalist and SLP Alysia Jeske.

There was equal interest from monthly subscribers in getting specific advice on warming upsinging strongerand workouts for our voice.

Zoom was a Hot Topic

One of our most popular articles was read by 28,000 singers wanting to learn about rehearsing music on Zoom.

Health & Recording

12,000 Singers had an equal interest in knowing the best apps for recording their voice and tips on how to stay healthy by knowing the difference between a nebulizer, steamer and vaporizer.

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