Live Streaming Artist Shares Tips with Singers

Carly of Carly_Sings in her home studio in her Tiny House
Carly_Sings has a growing audience, a tiny house and musical artistry that includes looping.

Carly is a singer/songwriter and Twitch streamer who has been singing, playing guitar and ukulele, and writing music for over 12 years! She started streaming Music live on Twitch from her channel “Carly_Sings” about a year ago. 

During her fun and engaging streams, Carly plays guitar and ukulele, sings covers and original songs, and live-loops using vocals and instrumentals! Carly, her fiancé and pet dog live in a tiny home in Maine and Carluy and uses Singdaptive as a part of her ongoing training. 

A favorite quote that inspires you: 

“Have courage and be kind”

I received a bracelet from a family member with that quote and years later, I still haven’t taken the bracelet off! I wear it everyday! For me it means taking those scary, but rewarding, risks, living life outside of your comfort zone, doing the right thing by you and others above all. Being kind means treating others with compassion, respect, love, and uplifting each other, but also being kind to yourself along your journey through life!

Carly’s tiny house in Maine

Important lesson for vocal health:

When I am performing on Twitch, it can be easy to want to continue singing and playing for hours and hours because it’s so fun to engage and interact with the people in the community! I have had points where I am 3 or 4 hours into a stream and I feel my voice and body telling me it’s time to rest. I have learned and still need to remind myself to listen to my body and not push it. It’s important to draw that line and maintain a balance between performing, but also taking care of oneself.

A vocal artist who inspires you?

I have always just loved Ingrid Michaelson’s music. Growing up, she definitely inspired my singing and songwriting with her uplifting, genuine, and easy to listen to music. I think when it comes to music, the mellow, simple and soft is so powerful and beautiful to listen to. Music that draws you in and makes you immediately feel connected to it.

Lesson with tech that’s helped you make and share music? 

When it comes to streaming music on Twitch and creating content for YouTube, there is A LOT of tech involved. You have all of these separate components that have to work perfectly together. I have fully relied on the amazing help of my fellow Twitch streamers and community members! I have learned to ask for help always! Being able to upgrade and improve tech has all helped me make and share my original songs and covers in a way that is fun and enjoyable for me and those watching.  

Any tips for singers on tech?

In terms of the physical tech required to sing and play music on stream, such as a microphone, loop pedal, and audio interface, the lesson I have learned is to take it one step at a time. Think about how to make the tech work for what you need it for, rather than getting overwhelmed with all the different features and functions. Seek out only the tech you need that will serve a specific purpose for you! You can always expand your tech if need be!

Carly reviews Singdaptive personal video exchanges with a renowned team of vocal coaches

Your relationship with social media?

When it comes to social media, I try to remember that it’s a balance between being active and present, but also not letting it devour all your time and energy. It can be easy to feel pressure to be active, but for me, it’s important to always remember the core of why I started music in the first place: the simplicity of sharing something you love with amazing people who share in that love with you. 

Practical insights on social media?

What I do that works is give myself a reasonable timeline for posting on social media and not force it. For example, my goal is to post on YouTube every other week, which I feel I can accomplish, which takes away unnecessary pressure. I post when I feel inspired and compelled to do so and take the time to also show support for my fellow musicians and friends!

What made me try looping: 

I started to loop after seeing other Music streamers do so on Twitch! I thought it would be an amazing addition to the channel because it would allow me to be more creative with music. Plus it would be fun for others to watch! Since I had experience harmonizing, I knew I could add both instrumental and vocal looping to the stream. It has been so rewarding!

First looping project: 

I actually learned to loop live on stream! What made it so fun, but nerve-wracking, was that people were watching me as I was trying to learn to loop. Even now, there are songs I am looping for the first time live on Twitch or songs that I have looped before, but trying something totally new!

Why should others loop?

Because it opens the door for many different creative avenues and gives you the opportunity to create music in an entirely new way! Just as one person, you can loop vocals, drums, instrumentals and create a full, dynamic song. You are challenging yourself musically in a whole new way and get to experience the reward of your new skill!

Music video that was hard to complete: 

The hardest singing videos for me to record are ones showcasing original music because I am the most particular and critical about the audio, sound, visual and more!

Important step in reaching larger audience: 

Streaming on Twitch! I originally started to stream because I wanted to share my original music. What I discovered was an international platform filled with talented, genuine, and supportive musicians and people who uplift and welcome each other fully. It’s truly been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to continue to grow the channel and share my love for music! I hope to use this momentum to also start performing for live audiences as well!


My ultimate career goal is to record an album and release fully produced, original music on Spotify. I have 11 original songs on my Twitch songlist and to already be sharing them on that platform is truly a dream come true! With the support and love I have experienced on Twitch, releasing music on Spotify is now a dream I believe is possible. I also would love to perform for live audiences and meet other musicians in the area. I am so excited to continue to grow as a musician and continue to share my passion and love for music.

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