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Originally published: August 19, 2020

Learning Just Got More Personal

We’ve been hearing from you about how you use Singdaptive and some of you have said you didn’t know where to begin once you got to the Singdaptive dashboard. Well, guess what? We totally agree the dashboard is a little overwhelming, so we’ve made some changes! We have created a free personal course for every singer who completes the survey.

The new personal course introduces you to your suggested areas of focus and gives you a sample lesson in each value area. We think the personal course does a great job of showing you where to begin. It also helps you get motivated to develop your singing life. Now, of course it can’t be just one personal course, because everyone has different focus areas. Singdaptive creates personal courses to cover each combination of focus values. Whew! It was a lot of work creating this new experience, but hey – we love motivating singers to take charge of their singing lives.

If you have already completed your survey, a new personal course for you has already appeared in your SingerPath feed. If it has been a while since you completed the survey, you might even want to re-take it, and see if your focus areas have shifted. 

To take your personal course, sign-on to your account, go to the Singdaptive Dashboard and complete the SingerPath survey.

How to Live Stream with Better Audio

Find out how Sarah King achieved better audio when she began live streaming during the pandemic.

Memorable Performances


Watch Lianne La Havas’s performance of “Bittersweet” on A Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Notice how she creates a close, intimate feeling with her voice. Then she builds at 2:10 to a gorgeous chest-dominant mix/belt as the lyrics express her conviction that the relationship isn’t right. She’s singing a C5 (the C above middle C), which is the pitch where many women can mix a lot of “chest voice”  with a little “head voice” (paired with a good amount of breath connection), to achieve a belt quality. It’s often the “money note” in many songs. 

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