July New Courses – Deep Into Audio & Business

Hello July. You came up to us quite fast:-)

We’re excited to launch new courses on Singdaptive this month. Singdaptive co-founder and instructor Kevin Alexander gives a deep dive into some important audio knowledge. Lisa Popeil gives a similar account on key aspect of the singing career.

Diving Deep Into Audio Theory

No matter how familiar you may be with terms like “compression” or “EQ,” most singers and even audio engineers only have a superficial understanding of what these tools actually do. No matter if you are a singer or a keen audio nerd, this course will drastically improve your ability to be in control of your sound. Your confidence will also grow as you grasp some foundational audio concepts on a deeper level. Audio Engineer Kevin Alexander makes it easy to understand the concepts and gives you the tools you need to be truly audio savvy.

Develop Your Singing Career

Celebrity Vocal Coach Lisa Popeil has worked with A-List singers and is regularly sought after for advice from those who want to develop their careers. In this course, Lisa shares her top insights in areas that every singer needs to address: contracts, unions, royalties, creating a persona, collaborations and practical lessons learned from examining the singing trajectories of today’s stars. 

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