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Tips from our team on vocal technique and vocal health.
Published: July 6 2021

Is Vocal Technique Different Between Genres?

Of course you will want a voice teacher who is familiar with the genre you wish to sing – that goes without saying. But even with all the stylistic differences between the genres, the foundation of efficient voice function remains the same.

Efficient voice function simply means that you are producing your sound in a balanced way. There are always three elements involved in creating your sound, and each one is connected to the others: air flow, vocal fold vibration and resonance. When all three are working together in harmony, your throat can be tension free with no need to tighten or strain. 

Whether you are singing an Italian aria or a smokey jazz standard, the three elements must be working together. With this balance, your dark classical vowels will soar over the orchestra, or your twangy country sound will cut through the mix. The tone quality and the stylistic elements are very different, but both ways of singing will be balanced and strain free.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

Get to Know Your Voice

Speech-Pathologist, Vocologist and Singer Alysia Jeske, introduces you to the wonderful world of voice physiology in her course on Understanding the Physiology of Your Voice.

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