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A simple switch of mindset can transform your practice.
Originally published: September 15, 2020
Updated: December 4, 2020

“Do you love practicing?” – If you asked 100 singers the question above, you might get a lot of “ums” and “I dunnos.” With the current uncertainty around live music, we singers lack motivation to practice and work on our vocal skills. Even during normal times, we may find our practicing had no real focus beyond “get the songs ready” or “try to sound good.” Many singers don’t have much rhyme or reason to their practice and feel it’s a bit of a chore.

Vocalist and Transformational Coach Simone Niles has coached hundreds of singers on how to transform their vocal practice. She says that deciding on an intention helps you optimize your results of any practice or performanceWhile a goal is future-based, an intention is stated in the present tense. For example, your intention might be, “I am proficient at making this sound.” Or, it might be, “I am a confident performer, going out there and changing the world.” Here’s another one: “When I sing this chorus, I am healing someone I care about.”

Simone’s lesson on Singdaptive (see below) contains a video clip where her student sings without an intention, then with an intention. There is a noticeable difference! You may be skeptical that a simple mindset could change your singing, so put it to the test! Find some time today to sing and before you begin, choose an intention. See what happens.

We want to know how it goes!! Share your experience with us by logging on to Singdaptive and texting us via the red chat icon! 

Take Simone Nile’s full lesson Transform Practice With Intention, where you can learn how to harness the power of a simple but significant mindset shift.

Music Industry:
Know Your Unions and Organizations

Lisa Popeil is a music industry veteran who helps aspiring professional singers and songwriters understand the American organizations and professionals they need to know. She teaches about PRO’s, unions and sync agents. You can find the equivalent of the American organizations in your own country; we think you’ll find it exciting to learn about groups that support musicians.

Memorable Performances

These kids are so expressive! Andy Grammer is moved to tears while singing with the kids from PS 22 Choir last year. Notice how the children blend and how expressive they are with their faces and bodies. They are sitting forward in their chairs, moving their bodies naturally with the music – this is great for breath support too! After being so professional and focussed, the kids quickly become chatty and wiggly once the song is finished – proof that they’re kids, after all, and also how excited they are! 

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