How to Record Vocals at Home | Not Your Typical Isolation Choir Video | Learn to Sight Read Music

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Now is a great time to learn how to make a high-quality recording of your voice.
Originally published: June 16, 2020

How to Record Vocals at Home

Now is the perfect time for you to learn how to record your voice in high quality. Yes, you – even if you’ve always felt intimidated by the prospect of recording on your own. You can do this, and it’s worth it. 

The most difficult step in anything new is usually the first one. So let us help you get started, and the rest will be smooth sailing ?.  Below is a list of what you need. If you look at the list and it makes you break out into a cold sweat, just remember you can borrow many of these. Start asking around. If you are lucky enough to have a budget, you can order them online. 

Items you’ll need to produce a quality vocal recording at home:

1. Cardioid Polar Pattern Microphone – converts the acoustic sound of your voice into an electrical (analog) signal.
2. Audio Interface – converts that analog signal into a digital signal.
3. DAW – recording and editing software. An example of a DAW is Logic Pro X.
4. Backing Track for the song you want to record – an audio file containing the instrumental backing to your song without the vocal.
5. XLR Cable – an audio cable that connects your mic to your audio interface
6. Your Computer – in some cases, you can use a smart phone or tablet.
7. Headphones

Look at you go! You are killing it!

Did you know most people – even audio savvy people – use Google to find out how things work? This is because technology is always changing, so even pros need to look things up. 

Now that you understand the gear needed to produce a high-quality vocal recording, we hope you’ll have the confidence to go for it! (oh and we just found an informative article on recording blogs which has much valuable insight that can be applied to recording singing at home – learn how to record your voice).

To learn all the steps in the recording process, upgrade to premium and take Kaitie Sly’s course How to Produce a Quality Vocal Recording.

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Not Your Typical Isolation Choir Video

Angel City Chorale made a COVID music video, but they diverted from the trend of virtual choirs in that they didn’t create a new recording while in isolation. The audio track you hear in the video is a gorgeous recording they made from a live concert a couple years ago. Fun fact: the song was written for the video game, Civilization IV! The video shows all the choir members lip-syncing as they go about their lives in quarantine. The shots of the singers are combined with gorgeous drone shots taken over the city, which makes for a hopeful and inspiring result. 

Learn to Sight Read Music

Have you been meaning to learn how to read music? Begin right now! This free resource package contains all the foundational teaching you need to get started with notation, theory and rhythm basics for sight-singing.

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