How to Become A Pro Singer – 7 Tips

How to Become A Pro Singer – 7 Tips
When I say the phrase “pro singer”, I mean someone who gets paid to sing. The following tips can make all the difference:

1. Be memorable

This includes everything from being an emotional singer to posting only great songs on YouTube and SoundCloud. Create a magic aura about yourself. Practice in the mirror. Dress in an individual style. Learn everything about the business and get to know everybody.

2. Desire

You gotta want it BAD! You cannot have a relaxed approach about this career.

3. Songwriting

If you are a good songwriter, you’re much more valuable to a record company, backers, and to yourself. Even if you’re an accomplished songwriter, consider co-writing with collaborators to create an even better song.

4. Patience

Plan on it taking years before you make dime one.

Plan on it taking years before you make dime one. Plan on being ready and willing when your break comes. Luck happens when opportunity meets preparation.

5. Develop

Keep developing your musical, technical and entertainment-business skills. That way you can be a songwriter, producer, teacher, composer, engineer, video producer, perhaps extend into acting or the film business, or even become a performance coach.

6. Wealth

Find a wealthy mentor who believes in you. Having a supporter in your corner who’s willing to help finance your career dreams can make all the difference.

7. Prolific

Be willing to sing anywhere: coffeehouses, charity events, clubs, restaurants, schools, festivals, even busking. Get seen and watch people come to you!

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