How to Be An Expressive Singer | Tips on Performance Anxiety

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Essential tips on expressive singing and oesophageal butterflies!
Published: May 11, 2021

How to Be An Expressive Singer

I once heard a wise teacher say, “It takes a lot of practice and preparation to be able to be spontaneous.” This seems to be a contradiction, doesn’t it? Isn’t spontaneity the very act of doing something that WASN’T planned or prepared? What gives? 

Jazz improvisers spend hundreds of hours preparing for their improvisations. Wait – what? “I thought improvising wasn’t planned,” you might think. You’re right: improvisers don’t plan the notes or rhythms or syllables that they will play or sing in a given improvised section, but they do however spend hours improvising over different chord progressions, committing chord progressions to memory, and refining the licks and riffs that they draw upon during improvised moments. So yes. It is spontaneous, but they’ve spent time building up their improvisation tool box. 

Let’s apply this to being an expressive singer. Our goal is that facial expressions and movements will be authentic, natural and spontaneous. It takes hours and hours of practice, however, to become at ease with expressing yourself in front of people. Much of this “practice” happens during performances in the early years of a singer’s development. Some of this “practice” can also happen at home in front of a video camera. That’s right! If you are feeling unsure about what to do with your hands or your eyes while you sing, don’t be embarrassed! It’s normal. Some people are more at ease than others, but we all go through a time of refining and practicing our use of gesture and movement while performing. Video yourself singing and watch to see if what you want to convey is coming across. Then rinse and repeat.

Kathy  Alexander
VP Curriculum, Singdaptive

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