Sing Better: How Singers Can Stand Out

The secret to standing out is so obvious, singers often overlook it -- says Mark Baxter

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How can you achieve such an impact that your name is used to describe your sound?

What makes a voice stand out and rise to the top?

In this episode, Mark will help you find out how and where to look to discover what makes you unique.

You will discover a whole new confidence as you learn how to embrace what makes you you. Then, Mark will inspire you to figure out how to maximize those unique qualities so that you can stand out as a singer.

What is Sing Better?

Sing Better is the podcast that let’s you power up your vocal development with legendary vocal coach, Mark Baxter. Mark gives you the insight you need on becoming a singer, earning money, vocal health, gear and technique. In this season, Mark will cover performance anxiety, song arrangements, how to stand out as a singer, and all the best and worst singer habits as well as how to get your former glory back after a long break from singing.

The answer to these is easily missed because it is so obvious: Every voice is unique. That’s right. Mark’s teachings help singers to understand that their best chance of success is to stand out, as opposed to imitating other singers.

Imagine a day when your name – not anyone else’s – is used to describe a certain sound.

Your job is to figure out your unique qualities

Therefore, your job is to find what is unique about you and make that stand out.

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