Highlight Reels Are Ready

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Now you can see - at a glance - what each of our instructors teaches

Hi, I’m Greg – one of the founders of Singdaptive.  One of my tasks this last month has been to produce 1 minute “highlight reels” of each of our instructors.  Thus, I have been hunched over my editing screen for the last week watching about 200 singing lessons!  How many people can say that editing videos has helped their singing technique? 

Preparing Highlight Reels of Our Instructor Lessons

So, now we have 16 short, 1-minute excerpts of each singing instructor so that you can get a quick “feel” for the style and approach of our faculty as you decide which courses and lessons you’d like to take. You can find these through the Instructor page.  

Instructor Quality and Diversity

One thing we never tire about pointing out about our instructors is their quality and diversity.  Just consider this:

  • One of our instructors  is a leading technologist who developed cutting edge gear for singers
  • Another is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Vocologist
  • We also have a former vocal coach for Disney teaching vocal techniqe!  

This diversity reflects what we are aiming at for you: to get an entire team of specialists surrounding you on your journey.  

But there’s no point of having a team around you unless they are well trained!  This Singdaptive team has both academic and professional qualifications.  Between them there is one PhD, 3 masters, 5 BAs, countless albums (both produced and coached) and millions of video views.

We have been working with singing instructors and music industry specialists for about 15 years – long before Singdaptive started!  In fact each one of Singdaptive instructors has worked with us on other projects, so we know they are gifted, knowledgeable and committed.

Stand Out Moments from 200+ Lessons

So, having quickly reviewed hundreds of lessons this week, here are some highlights for me:

Ugly Feedback. I have been learning how to avoid creating feedback with sound systems and audio gear.  Sound Engineer Kevin Alexander’s lesson on this subject is hilarious – because he creates some horrendous feedback, on purpose! I’ve always been a little nervous around audio gear. I’m the kind of person who worries that if I flick on the wrong switch at the wrong time there will be a huge explosion. I’m a little less worried now…

Pretty Positive.   I was inspired by Jaime Babbitt’s lesson on looking at my vocal strengths and weaknesses. One of her main points is “Let everything be your teacher.” We need to stop, she says, and ask what we can learn about ourselves from our vocal strengths and abilities.  Equally,  when there is something we don’t like about our voice this can push us to ask questions and learn. This means that nothing is a failure!  Everything about ourselves can take us ahead. I felt pretty good after that! 

Bursting Breath.  I had a great time spitting syllables out of my mouth with London coach Juliet Russell.  Juliet believes that one of the most important things we can do when we practice is to play with our voices – this helps us to access new voice qualities and discover what we may not have thought possible. I love her Tikki-Ta-Tay exercise and was surpised I could actually do it – almost as quickly as she could! 

OK. I have to get back to singing – oops – I mean editing…


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