Heart of Dallas – A Barbershop Chorus!

This group spreads love through surprise serenades, handmade cards, and good ol' fashioned barbershop harmony!

A favorite piece of repertoire & why

“I Don’t Mind Being All Alone, When I’m All Alone With You” is a song that may be our trademark, and will likely never leave the repertoire, because it is so satisfyingly pure barbershop – complete with choreographed bell chords, plucking stringed instruments, and ending with “doodly, doodly, doodly doo, a bum-bum!” Everyone always giggles with joy!


Choir Name:  Heart of Dallas Chorus
Location:  Richardson (Dallas), TX
Style:   Barbershop, A Cappella
Number of singers:  16
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Do you partake in competitions?

We think it’s more important to spend our energy entertaining audiences and having fun, so we don’t compete any more, and we don’t miss it! We can still strive for excellence without it!

How does your choir bond as a group? 

We look after each other as a choir family, and laugh a lot! Always looking for choral adventures. We support each other’s outside ventures, musical and otherwise, and support each other in hard times. At one point we had members ranging in age from 15 to 83 (both were some of our greatest contributors), which feels more like family and gives you exposure to the life experiences of others you might not otherwise have.

A performance moment you will never forget

One year we sang for the husband of a member, in a memory care facility as a part of our Valentine’s program. It was very emotional, and so special to share with her.

Wow. Can you tell us more about this Valentine’s program?

Yes, we do the singing Valentine’s program every year. We have a standing engagement with a restaurant, where we do “strolling singing” for patrons for an hour and a half. It is a very well received! Singing the old standard love songs often makes people blush or cry. Sometimes we even get the opportunity to arrange a surprise performance for someone while they’re at work in front of all of their friends and colleagues!

What a moving and charming way to spread the Valentine’s day spirit!

Yes, there’s nothing like seeing the heads pop up over the cube farm to watch someone be serenaded, and the discussion and celebration it causes afterwards. We sing two songs, and give them a red rose and a handmade card. We can’t think of a more romantic or memorable Valentine’s present!

Heart of Dallas bonding over holiday drinks after a busy day of singing! (2019)

Aptly named “Heart of Dallas”! Do you have a favorite inspirational quote?

“No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care.”

Have there been any emotional rehearsals?

Recently, a member was overcome with fatigue and anxiety, and feared she might be having a heart attack. A handful of members drove and followed her to the hospital. The rest of us stayed and sang gentle songs briefly to calm ourselves, and think of her. She ended up being okay, but it was emotional for all of us.

What is something you do with your choir that others may find strange?

We give backrubs at the beginning of warmups. That may or may not be strange, but it sure helps us to relax and bond! … And sing better, as it relieves tension!

What is your audition process? 

We have actually dropped auditions! We can generally tell if someone is going to succeed or not during the voice placement, and have ongoing conversations about how well it’s going and whether it’s a fit, if necessary. Thankfully, it’s never not been a mutual decision.

How would you describe your warm ups?

A group favorite involved us clasping our hands, pulling them apart and shaking them while making a noise. It is a wonderful relaxation exercise for the jaw, and goes particularly well with the William Tell Overture!

Clips of Heart of Dallas Chorus appearing on Good Day Channel 4 (2006).

Any turning points in the life of your choir?  

Several occasions in the last few years that felt like devastating losses of members and associations turned out to be the best thing that could have happened, resulting in better energy, better finances and more freedom, which made rehearsals so much more fun and helped us to grow. Sometimes you can work too hard to make existing arrangements work, when what you really need is change.

A juicy fact you love to tell your choir members:

I do love to tell them about the incomparable John Rutter, although he composes for a different genre. I had just discovered him for another group, fell into the YouTube rabbit hole for four hours, when a third choir I sing in enticed him out of a 25-year church commission retirement, and we toured with him! I felt like I had manifested him, and there he was!!

A rehearsal moment you will never forget? 

Recently we had a visit from multi-platinum singer/songwriter Jana Stanfield, who held us in thrall with her enchanting brand of inspirational music. She coached us, let us find beautiful harmonies with her, and generally enfolded us in the magic!

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