Getting the Word Out

It's the new way of reaching your singing goals - though on-demand personal coaching and Premium lessons.

We’re so thankful that thousands of singers have been taking Singdaptive for a spin. Whether it’s taking our survey, looking at their SingerPath profile, or getting 1-on-1 singing feedback with Exchangely, the new way of vocal coaching for all genres.

Singdaptive is the on-demand learning platform which moves singers toward their goals in all areas of the singing life – whether that’s vocal technique, audio know-how or sales, promotion and career issues.

We’re the new way of vocal coaching through both personal instruction or on-demand lessons and courses that span the range of singing genres and subjects. Behind all of this is an eminent team of 20 instructors including those who have coached for Disney, the BBC and Grammy-winning artists. Our team also includes medical specialists and award winning choir directors.

Do you know some singers?

It’s likely you know some singers. If you think they’d benefit from learning what Singdaptive is about you can send them to our sign-up page. Once there, they can get a quick overview on what’s coming soon.

Signing up on that page also gives any singer an invite to our singer survey and SingerPath profile.

Oh, and a free, personalized course awaits!

Signing up to Singdaptive is free – and you’ll get a free, personalized course that relates to the focus areas that came up on your survey. Just head over to Singdaptive to sign up.

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