Fresh Look – Eyes Step-by-step Guide

Fresh look eye makeup application with checklist
Christie Norman shares her simple steps to applying a fresh look make-up around the eyes.

In my course on creating a fresh performance make-up, I follow an easy step-by-step guide for the eyes.

Step 1 – Eyelid concealer/Primer

a. Use the same shade as your skin (do not use foundation)

b. Use a brush or your fingers

Step 2 – Eye Liner – Liquid or gel

Using a liner brush, line into your lashes under the upper lashes, then on top filling in any gaps.

*Keep the darkness at the lash line

Step 3 – Eyeshadow

a. Using a neutral color with a slight shimmer (avoid glitter)

b. Use a flat brush to press the color all over the lid

c. Use a darker color and press over the eyeliner

d. Keep the darker color close to the lashline and diffuse upwards by patting with the brush – Apply more color for a bolder look

Step 4 – Mascara

a. Start at the base of the lashline and wiggle back and forth as you move up the lashes

b. Go through with the mascara several times

*Use your liner brush to correct any flaws on the top of the lashes

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