Fresh Look – Base Step-by-step Guide

Smoky Eye Look Makeup Checklist
Christie Norman shares her simple steps to applying the base for a fresh look for the stage.

In my course on creating a fresh performance make-up, I follow an easy step-by-step guide for the base.

Step 1 – Foundation

a. Use any type of foundation (Tinted moisturizer is best for minimal coverage)  * Find a color to match your skin tone

b. Using your fingers, brush, or sponge, focus on the T-zone area

c. Blend to camouflage discoloration

Step 2 – Concealer

a. Use a flat head concealer brush

b. Use small, light strokes using minimal product (build product for higher coverage)

c. Use product under eyes and gently pat and blend using fingertips or a small blending sponge

Step 3 – Eyebrows

a. Use a pencil or a powder with an angled brush b

b. Use short strokes filling in any holes or gaps

c. Start the brow at the outside of the nose – 45 degree angle for the arch – end the tail of the brow at the outer corner of the eye

Step 4 – Setting

a. Use a loose, translucent powder to avoid cakiness

b. Start under the eye and brush lightly over the entire face

c. Use a soft, thick, dense powder brush

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