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Exchangely is the new way of vocal coaching. You'll find personal guidance for your singing in the comfort of your own home.

We’ve been at Singdaptive for less than a year (!) and it’s been so gratifying to hear from so many on how the singer-survey connected them to the right course, or how the actions, quizzes and other features in Singdaptive’s on-demand universe have unlocked just the right doors to learning. Now we’re really excited to tell you about Exchangely!

Right from the very beginning our subscribers have asked, ‘Can I get some feedback on my own singing?’ or ‘I’d really like a member of your team to watch me sing and give me some pointers!’

The New Way of Vocal Training 

We asked ourselves how we could meet this need for feedback by connecting singers personally to our multi-instructor team (a team which includes teachers, artists, medical specialists). We also asked how this could be done so that singers can learn at home, at their own pace, just when they are ready!

After quite a bit of brainstorming, analysis and testing we’ve created Exchangely Sessions, the way you can find personal guidance for your singing in the comfort of your own home. 

There’s just no way to replace the value of a one-on-one encounter with just the right singing teacher or vocal coach – someone who is informed with your genre and has actually achieved the goals you are seeking to conquer.  But we’ve found a new way to do this in an innovative online experience.

What is an Exchangely Session?

When you sign up for Exchangely, you will interact with a dedicated member of our team who will listen to you goals, analyse your singing, and offer relevant guidance – which includes connecting you to the expertise of the entire Singdaptive team, leaders who have been active with the BBC, the Voice, Disney and are leaders in their professional fields.

Exchangely uses asynchronous learning: you submit your questions, your singing, and your responses to specific tasks chosen by your Instructor. You prepare these submissions on your smartphone or other device in the comfort of your own home, and in your own time  – it also means that your instructor has the advantage of reviewing your submission with the gift of time: they can reflect, consider, and then deliver a thoughtful and informed response.

A Single Session = Many Exchanges

A single Exchangely Session actually includes several exchanges! This means that when you purchase a Single Session, you really get a chance to connect with your instructor and develop over time. 

But there’s even more: one of the goals of your Exchangely Instructor is to provide you exercises, and Premium Lessons which will long outlive your time with Exchangely, and which can guide your learning until your next Session. We think that this learner-centred, asynchronous style of learning represents the exciting future of online learning.

We believe you’ll find Exchangely just the right way to push ahead with your singing goals. 

Because we have a diverse team – we can help you address technique and performance mastery in any genre; your goals can even include reaching new heights with recording and sound, addressing singing anxiety, guidance on gear, business strategy, artistry and songwriting.

An image showing a Singdaptive Exchangely instructor offering vocal lessons through a smartphone
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