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This might be the perfect time for you to invest in your dream of a singing career.
Originally published: July 14, 2020

Feedback for You


Do you want personal feedback from Singdaptive instructors? If “yes” you can be a part of our Ambassador program and get in on helping us define a bunch of new features this summer! To be one of our willing-singer-guinea pigs, click here!

Singing Careers

Despite the arts world being turned upside down in recent months (yes, that was a Hamilton reference), there are many glimmers of hope. I have watched industrious singers record albums at home. Some have been performing live and even earning money on platforms such as Facebook and Twitch, and more recently at drive-in or outdoor concerts. All this artistic output is great, but do you sometimes feel a bit down seeing other singers doing innovative projects? Me too! Many of us have not been so productive!

If you haven’t felt that productive lately, then why not take advantage of Sindaptive? Learning something new is motivating. I just took Lisa Popeil’s brand new course Develop Your Singing Career, and it made me feel smart and “in the know” about the music industry. She has done so much recording and performing in LA and across the world throughout her long career, plus she has worked with so many amazing artists, it really makes me sit up and listen to her advice.

Lisa filmed the course just before COVID hit the world, but all her concepts on career-building still apply. This means you may have to attend virtual conferences to do some of the networking that she talks about, but you’ll find that 100% of her guidance is just as applicable now as a few months ago. This might just be the perfect time to focus on learning and stop worrying that you haven’t performed on Twitch yet.

To learn more about how you can pursue paid singing work, upgrade and take Lisa’s course, Develop Your Singing Career

Re-Imagine Your Covers

We love finding singers on Instagram! These five singers are super talented and we asked them for advice on how to make a cover song unique

Celebrity Deaths Due to Covid-19

Whenever a respected performer dies for any reason, their fans will mourn, but with COVID-19, the loss of a beloved artist seems all the more jarring. Tony-Nominated Broadway Performer, Nick Cordero died this month from COVID-19 complications. He was only 41. My husband and I have always been huge fans of jazz legend Ellis Marsalis, and when we heard he had died of COVID-19 complications in April, we were deeply saddened. He was 85 and lived an incredible life, but it felt more frightening and sad that Corona did this. Other artists we’ve lost to the virus include folk artist John Prine, country singer Joe Diffie, Dream Street Singer Chris Trousdale and rapper Fred the Godson. Our thoughts go out to all families who have lost a loved one in recent months.

Check out our Insta-Live chat with YouTube sensation Mimi Drabik about sharing your music on social media.

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