Featured Instructor: Simone Niles

Headshot of Singing Coach Simone Niles
Singdaptive's teaching team includes a coach on The Voice UK & a sound healer.

Simone Niles is a leading vocal and performance coach with a wealth of experience. As a vocal coach on the Voice, UK she witnesses the courage of singers in an audition and coaches them to get the best out of themselves at various stages of the audition process.

Simone is also interested in the role that sound plays in healing. She believes that we can use frequencies, resonance and vibration therapeutically to create harmony and wellbeing.

A favorite quote that inspires you

“Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear” – George Addair

Why are you drawn to that quote?

Fear is nothing to fear. It pops up to serve us; and when we can perceive it as a motivator rather than an obstacle, the other side is right around the corner.

Simone Niles’ courses encourages singers to greater joy and acceptance in their singing.

Which Singdaptive lesson of yours you would like most singers to see first?

Gosh if I must choose… I suppose it would be setting ‘Intention in Practice’ because then singers would have a great set up for anything else that comes their way in practice and performance.

Simone’s course on intention in practice.

The lesson you found it most difficult to create for Singdaptive + why

I suppose this one would have to be ‘Overcoming Challenges’. This is a new concept for many singers; to use their voices to overcome challenges consciously and intentionally in their lives so I really want to get this across in a concise way, without losing the potency of the exercise.

The lesson you found it most easy to create for Singdaptive?

Handling Mistakes for sure! This is one of the most common things that singers face and since I’ve been coaching in this arena for a while this pretty much is now second nature to me.

Something that happened off-screen when creating a Singdaptive lesson that you’re glad isn’t on screen!  

So many bloopers! Though I’m pretty easy going so not sure I’d care if they were shared. The light falling, my students and I in uncontrollable laughter and the funniest faces when the words don’t come out right.

Simone’s insights on YouTube address practical issues in performance and practice.

An object (at home) that inspires you in your creative work

My harp! I use this instrument as a creative outlet that isn’t directly used in my work and indirectly impacts most of my creative processes.

Simone’s Harp

A key turning point in developing your vocal work?

I would say my first training ground which was 3 years in the studio with Eddy Grant. Here’s where I honed my listening skills, tightened my harmonies and enhanced my vocal expression.

What is your top tip for singers for honing their listening skills?  

A great tip for honing your listening skills is to listen consciously with intention. Notice that melody, harmony or rhythm and then dance between imitating what you hear and listening again. 

Something someone told you that inspired you in your singing work?

It was a question rather, ‘if you could make an impact in the world using your voice, how would you do it?’ I’m still refining the answer as my practice of just that evolves.

What are you currently working on for next lessons/courses at Singdaptive?

There’s so much in the pipeline here…more motivation, inspiration and how to get the best from you and your voice. 

What performance of yours would you single out as being a “turning point” & why?

Performing ‘Great Gig In The Sky’ at the Royal Albert Hall comes to mind, as it is still to date the hardest vocal of my career. This was a turning point because I realized that even though it was not an easy vocal to execute technically, it brought out some of my most authentic expression and has no lyrics!  A reminder to tap into the depths of expression even in the most challenging vocal situations.

What are some of your career dreams/goals?

Right now, I’m about to embark on a PHD around the subject of Sound and Frequency which is pretty exciting! I have many dreams and goals, though to the underlying thread in most of them is to make an impact in the world helping people to step into the best version of themselves, starting with me.

What’s a question you wished we had asked?

Q – If there is one thing you wish every singer could know what would that be?

A – You are perfect and unique just as you are, never doubt that, and the rest will follow.

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