Featured Instructor: Lisa Popeil

LA Vocal Coach Lisa Popeil Teaching a Singing Technique Lesson at Singdaptive
Singdaptive's teaching team includes an highly awarded top LA vocal coach

Lisa Popeil has both a rich performance background as well as academically and medically informed coaching experience.

She performed with Frank Zappa and had a Billboard Top Album Pick for her self-titled album. Just recently she toured the US and Canada with “Weird Al” Yankovic, singing with a full orchestra every night- 67 shows over three months.

Lisa has written many books on singing, holds an MFA in Voice from California Institute of the Arts. She’s received an LA Music Award for “Career Achievement in Vocal Instruction” and been awarded for “Lifetime Achievement in the Field of Vocal Pedagogy” by the Croatian Choral Directors Association. 

A favorite quote that inspires you

Optimism is the one quality more associated with success and happiness than any other. – Brian Tracy

Which lesson of yours you would like most singers to see first?

Since I believe that knowing how to support is a critical foundation for anything else singers want to do with their voices, I’d recommend  watching my “Essential Vocal Technique” as a great first step.

Lisa teaches both vocal technique and career development at Singdaptive

The lesson you were in that you found it most difficult to create for Singdaptive?

My “Develop Your Singing Career” was a challenge because I was recording at my Covid vacation house with no air-conditioning during quite a hot Southern California summer.  Was worried I was going to get drippy during a scene and have to start over!

An object that inspires you in your audio work

My Rode NT-USB Cardiod Mic- sounds great for demo-quality recordings and video production.  

Lisa’s Course on Developing a Singing Career

Something that happened off-screen when creating a Singdaptive lesson that you’re glad isn’t on screen! 

Well, on-screen actually!  My construction guy was outside my window building a new deck walking back and forth.  He’s now immortalized on that Singdaptive video!

A favorite Singdaptive instructor?

I’ve enjoyed watching Juliet Russell’s videos – she’s got a lovely presentation style and has much of value to share on being an expressive singer.

A favorite feature in the on-demand lessons offered at Singdaptive

The follow-through action list and quiz provide real add-on value for those singers serious about improving.  They’re brilliant!

Juliet Russell’s lesson on singing with emotion

What vocal health lesson did you learn the hard way?

I discovered that pushing through when vocally fatigued doesn’t work! Unlike a Jane Fonda aerobics class, you should never “go for the burn” when singing.

A key turning point in developing your vocal work?

When I figured out exactly how to support, everything changed.  Several of my nagging vocal problems just disappeared and my voice just worked for me with very little warming up required.

Something someone told you that inspired you in your singing work?

When I was recording my first song after signing a record deal, the producer asked if I could sing with more expression. That shocked me because at the time, I felt like an overly expressive person in general but somehow that wasn’t coming through in my singing.  So I started listening to Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey and realized that being expressive wasn’t about feeling real emotion.  The goal was to get the listener  to feel something.  In order to make that happen, I might have to get comfortable with being over-dramatic. So real emotion was not the key, but a more dramatized emotion was the trick.

A vocal artist who inspires you? 

Lady Gaga – her vocal skill, the ease with which she can belt high so easily with a beautiful, rich sound and so in tune!

What are you currently working on for next lessons/courses at Singdaptive?

Currently considering offering sessions in a group ‘Master Class’ format for Singdaptive subscribers and also workshops on topics of greatest interest to Singdaptive singers.

What performance of yours would you single out as being a “turning point”?

Lisa’s book on vocal technique and career is published by Singdaptive

In 1981, as I was waiting to step on stage to perform with Frank Zappa in front of 5,000 people, I looked out at the audience (through a haze of smoke!) and felt like they were a big hand welcoming me into my destiny. It confirmed that a lifetime of effort had culminated in that magical moment!

What are some of your career dreams?

My dream is to be able to continue sharing my life’s work with singers and voice teachers around the world and also to continue pursuing my voice research. 

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