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Belting is a well-understood and teachable vocal coordination that anyone will be able develop.
Originally published: August 25, 2020
Updated: April 16, 202

Everyone Can Learn to Belt

Did you know that belting is a combination of several finely-balanced skills? Many aspects of your singing technique need to be in place before you can do it. To get really technical, belting is a special kind of chest-dominant mix (a mix is where both the “thickening” as well as the “stretching” muscles of the vocal folds are engaged at the same time). Belting results from a high closed quotient in the vibration of the vocal folds. That means as they do their open-close routine, the amount of time the vocal folds are together is more than the time they spend apart. A singer really needs freedom from vocal tension and just the right air flow to pull it off.

Belting comes naturally to some singers, but for many, it can be somewhat illusive. In order to belt, you must first be able to sing in your head register with a bright and resonant sound (i.e. not breathy or wimpy). Your voice must be flexible, and not “locked in” to your lower register. You must, however, be able to sing in your chest (lower) register, not just on your lowest notes, but also on medium pitches, all the while being tension free and with brilliant resonance ensuring that it not be a “heavy” chest voice sound, but rather a “light” chest sound that will be more conducive to mixing

Teachers will spend a lot of time working on breathing, resonance and getting rid of tension as they guide their singers to a true belt sound. This is why “belting” isn’t just one thing that you can learn to do in a day. It is the culmination of a whole lot of techniques. And yes. You can absolutely do it. Anyone with a healthy larynx can.

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Better Audio in Your Videos

Find out how Singer/Songwriter/Actress Bethan-Wyn achieves good quality audio in her videos. She’s not a tech wiz, but she has spent time finding an audio setup that works well and produces great results.

Socially Distant Musical

In a money-losing move to restore hope in the live theatre world, Troubadour Wembley Park theatre in London is staging one of the pandemic’s first live indoor theatre productions, a musical based on the film Sleepless in Seattle. The theatre will house a fraction of its capacity to keep guests safe, and the actors underwent vigorous testing at every rehearsal. The show even follows some physical distancing protocols, made possible by the fact that the plot revolves around long-distance lovers who don’t come in contact for almost the entire show.

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