Embrace the Moment & Mistakes

Yes, it’s true: we learn from mistakes, but many of us still dread making mistakes on stage. Mistakes are embarrassing and awkward and generally horrible, right? Vocalist and performance coach Simone Niles has a different angle.

She explains that mistakes are feedback, and that it is possible to take a light hearted approach when they happen. Her insight in this lesson excerpt may just transform your life:

“The past does not equal the present. Any mistakes that you made yesterday or a year ago or ten minutes ago do not equal where you are now.”

–Simone Niles

She explains that we should ask ourselves “What can I do now?” instead of dwelling on the mistake, which is in the past. Simone gives practical tips on what to do when you make mistakes in this lesson as well, and shares a story of when a bird landed on her mic stand int he middle of a song!

You will find Simone Niles’ complete lesson and many more on Singdaptive.com this fall.

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