Develop Your Singing – Alone and Online

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Singdaptive instructors share methods – and websites – that help them move their singing & singing careers ahead.

We asked Singdaptive Instructors their ideas for developing one’s voice and singing career in a time of isolation. Their ideas range from working on technique to creative new ways to make an income: 

Train Your Ears

Kerri Ho speaks about the opportunity to develop aural training – deepening one’s knowledge of intervals and scales. This work gives one the basic tools needed to improvise. Singers who want to work in this area may wish to preview Kathy Alexander’s interval training course and Kerri’s vocal development course. 

Make Money

Jaime Babbitt and Kerri Ho speak about using online platforms to hold concerts – Instagram Live, Facebook Live, YouTube Live.  It’s important, Jaime says, to monetize these performances using a PayPal or a Venmo link

Patreon is a website where you can create content, build a fanbase and invite them to become your “patreons” to support your content creation.   Stageit is an online concert platform where you can invite people to watch you for free or for pay.  Jaime reminds singers to make these performances fun for your audience – ask questions, make comments, it’s all about connection

Singers not anxious to share a visual of their work can consider, says Kerri, creating a podcast and posting their music on SoundCloud. Finally, Janine Le Clair reminds singer to remember to plan for the future – start looking at the venues you would wish to contact when you are ready to perform. 

Sing Harmony

Surprisingly, his is another skill one can develop on their own. Kerri Ho says that a simple way to begin learning to harmonize is to play one’s favorite song and then sing along in a way that is different than the melody (higher or lower).  At Singdaptive we have a course on singing harmony which gives you a chance to learn harmonizing with other singers 

Learn a Chordal Instrument

Both  Lisa Popeil and Jaime Babbitt speak about learning a chordal instrument such as piano or guitar.  Leading online instructional sites include Simply Piano , Yousician , Guitartricks and Fender Play   If you are using an electric keyboard or guitar – then you can plug in some headphones (into the instrument itself, or into an audio interface and your practicing can be as loud or as quiet as you wish.

Deepen Your Listening

Janine Le Clair speaks about expanding one’s musical knowledge by going to the websites of venues that feature your preferred genre and studying the artists and the songs that are featured there.

Write Songs

Instrumentalist and educator Kaitie Sly says that songwriting can be as simple as humming an idea for a melody and then recording this into your smartphone – so that the idea is not lost.  Janine Le Claire speaks about using Skype, Zoom or even texting ideas to musical collaborators. Lisa Popeil says that there are song-writing musicians who can help “flesh out” musical ideas one has created. is a talent discovery site for singers who have the resources to record vocals.

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