We are Getting Our Lessons Ready

Screenshot of Singdaptive's internal lesson tracking system
Behind the scenes, we're busy creating a catalog of lessons for singers.

What are we working on? Lessons, Lessons, Lessons and Courses.

Over the past year, we have been creating a curriculum of lessons that span all the Singdaptive values and interests.

There are six values, and a number of interest areas at Singdaptive. We also want to cover concepts for different experience levels. In some cases, we will even cover topics from different perspectives. What this means is our our catalog could be infinite!

Tackling a Content Mountain

We used a two part process to create and prioritize our curriculum:

  1. Our Intelligent Singer Survey and surveys before we launched have been taken by thousands of singers. From all the singers we’ve surveyed we get an understanding of the goals and challenges that singers of all levels and genres face.
  2. A Codified List of Curricular Outcomes. Wow! that sounds technical. Simply, this list contains hundreds of concepts that a singer needs to learn to achieve certain goals. We’ve mapped all these concepts across our list of values and interests.

Using the survey results and curriculum we prioritize which learning outcomes are the highest priority for singers using our platform. Because Singdaptive is the newest kid on the block:-), our survey and profile results make more certain that the lessons we offer match individual singers.

So our mountain currently looks like this:

Singdaptive Lesson Production Statistics
  • We’re have 273 lesson concepts based on our curriculum!
  • 219 of those lessons are through initial production / filming!
  • 154 lessons now I’m the final stages of production, where we generate actions and quizzes!

What’s in a lesson?

What makes a great lesson? Singdaptive lessons offer several experiences and resources:

  • Teaching Video (3 to 15+ minutes)
  • Actions: these are videos, articles, audio exercises – material specifically designed to practice and lock in the learning goals of the lesson. Some of these actions you’ll commit to do on a regular basis
  • Quiz: every lesson includes a quiz to help make sure you’ve learned th key concepts

What about courses?

Lessons are the building blocks for courses. Often you’ll be choosing a course that includes a number of lessons. Sometimes lessons overlap across courses, which will help you reach your goals faster.

How many lessons would I take?

If you’ve ever experienced online learning you’ll know that sometimes courses have hundreds of short lessons, sometimes as brief as 2 minutes long. Other platforms have single lessons that are really long, such as 45 minutes. What matters to most learners is that you are motivated by the content to learn things on a regular basis – that is realistic for your schedule.

If someone is working on improving as a singer in their spare time, we’d imagine that taking up to a couple lessons per week would be a good goal, along with regular practicing. For someone working on singing full time, they may double that commitment.

We look forward to sharing our catalog of lessons very soon. We’ll likely have some sample lessons so you can get a taste of what’s to come.

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