Completely Focused on the Voice: Soprano Annie Gill

Feature Image Annie Gill Baltimore Musicales - Rosa Ponselle Concert
Annie Gill's expressive, full, lyric soprano voice is making an impact.

Award-winning soprano Annie Gill has been incredibly busy as a classical soprano soloist. She’s sung with symphony orchestras, in theatrical performances – and, recently, for the French Ambassador in Washington DC. 

Annie has been praised for her “astounding technical vocal ability, solid song interpretation and stage presence.” We caught up with her to ask her to share insights and reflections on vocal work for all singers.

Key turning points in developing your own unique vocal work?

As a singer, you never hear your voice like everyone else does.  So it’s very important to have several trusted pairs of ears to guide you and constantly keep you honest.  I work with excellent teachers and coaches, and I consistently check in with them – the voice is an ever-changing instrument!

An important lesson you’ve learned in terms of vocal health?

You only get one pair of vocal folds in this life, so treat them well and use them wisely.  No one is going to look out for your vocal health and well-being more than you are yourself.  Don’t let anyone pressure you into work that does not fit your vocal abilities, or creates tension and/or vocal fatigue.

Annie Gill performing “Dove sono” (Le nozze di Figaro) in “The In Series” with
Carlos Cesar Rodriguez (collaborative pianist)

A vocal artist who inspires you?

It’s difficult to choose just one!  I think the singers that inspire me the most are those who treat their careers like a marathon, not a sprint.  They take care of their voice, and are constantly evolving as artists.  Some of my top choices are:  Rosa Ponselle, Celine Dion, Leontyne Price, Maria Callas, Beverly Sills, and Freddy Mercury.

What’s your relationship with social media – what “works” for you?

I’m trying to engage and post good content more frequently since the onset of the pandemic and subsequent quarantine. I try to show all aspects of my career – not just singing, but also acting, voice over work, and teaching.  I know there are different tips and tricks for social media, but at the end of the day, I find I’m happiest when I am authentic and write/post from my personal experiences.

What are you currently working on in terms of your voice/music career?

I have been very busy with all kinds of music, despite barely leaving my house for the past 8 weeks!  I have sung in many virtual choruses and smaller soloist/ensemble recordings so far.  I’m also taking this time to work on and explore music that I’ve been meaning to study for a while – I have 9 new arias in the works, as well as two full opera roles, one oratorio, a dozen lieder, and I’m sketching out a solo cabaret to perform once restrictions are lifted.

A favorite quote that inspires you:

Annie Gill doing some online vocal instruction

“There are no shortcuts to any place worth going.” – Beverly Sills.  Take the time to do the hard work, and it will pay off!

Career dreams/goals:

I want to continue to work, to sing well, and to be a great musician and actor.  I want to do work that matters, and work that entertains, touches, and inspires people.  I want to be a well-respected artist.

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