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Chorus Connection and Singdaptive Offer Choral Courses
Singdaptive & Chorus Connection present a new opportunity for Choir Directors, Artistic Directors, and Managers

18 November 2020 Singdaptive and Chorus Connection announce the release of Premium Lessons for Choir Directors, Managers, and Artistic Directors as an added benefit to the Chorus Connection community.

VP of Publishing at Singdaptive, Dr. Gregory Barker, says: ‘We are really excited about the work of Chorus Connection – especially at this challenging time when it is difficult for Choirs to meet. We’re so pleased to support their work.’

‘As the world moves digital, we are excited to partner with Singdaptive to offer online educational courses for choir directors. We hope these courses will help choir directors continue their professional development and learn new skills for this digital era,’ says Tori Cook, Director of Sales & Marketing at Chorus Connection.

These lessons are accessed by accessing a link that is exclusive to the Chorus Connection community. Details on how to access this link are here. A free account is created which gives access to lessons. 

Lessons include award-winning choral Director Brian Wismath offering instruction on musical development of a classical choir, sharpening choral diction, and the audition processes. Leading London teacher Juliet Russell addresses onsets and sibilants. Audio engineer and technologist Kevin Alexander helps choirs to understand the basics of sound systems. All courses include features such as actions, quizzes, a learning journal.

Chorus Connection supports Choir leaders by making it easy for them to deliver beautiful choral music to the world. They do this through their innovative software which includes effective ways for members to manage information, connect choirs through the calendar tool, and upload and share music files so members and choristers can find what they need to – when they need to!

More about Chorus Connection

Chorus Connection is chorus management software that makes it easy for community choral organizations to manage everything in one place.

In a world where digital communications are more important than ever, Chorus Connection gives choral leaders the ability to connect with their singers and build their internal choral communities online. Features include a member directory, bulletin board, calendar, email communications, ticketing, member payments, and more. Learn more at!

Chorus Connection’s robust library of chorus management resources feature best practices for recruiting and retaining singers, planning and promoting concerts, fundraising, and more. These resources are available to the public and can be found at

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More about Singdaptive

Singdaptive takes a multi-disciplinary approach to singing, featuring 20 world-class instructors representing vocal technique, vocal health, audio & technology, performance coaching, practice pedagogy, choral technique, solo and ensemble singing – and even makeup application. An intelligent survey, called the SingerPathTM, connects singers to courses and lessons tailored to their current needs and interests. Lessons include quizzes and actions and a Practice Journal engages singers, tracking individual progress and extending the learning process well beyond just video instruction.

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