The Business Team You Need

These professionals might end up staying with you for your entire career.

It’s not a requirement right away, but eventually most professional singers will need a team of music business professionals to support them. The main roles that singers need to fill are: manager, booking agent and music attorney.

Your Manager

A well-connected manager can open doors for you when you are ready. Your manager will provide both business advice and emotional advice. He or she will help you establish your long term vision and goals. A manager usually takes a 15% cut of your earnings, but it can range from 10%-20%.

This is a full-time job that on any given day might include scheduling travel, helping book live shows, securing press, finding producers and songwriters, creating a buzz, encouraging you to create social media content, setting up brand sponsorship, talking with record labels to get the word out about you.

Your Booking Agent

Not to be confused with a “booker,” (who works for a venue), a “booking agent” works for you and helps you get gigs. If you are performing regularly on your own, it might be time to consider a booking agent.

Your booking agent can get you gigs at festivals, clubs, casinos, county fairs, state fairs, corporate events, performing arts festivals. Booking agents usually take a 10%-15% cut of your earnings for a multiple-night engagement, or 20% of a one-time engagement.

If you are not ready to hire a booking agent yet, you might want to hire a promoter for a given show. Promoters deal with tickets, tech details, the rider, and even finding an opening band.

Your Music Attorney

A music attorney might just be your secret weapon. These professionals advise you on legal contracts including distribution deals, publishing deals, collaborations among others. Beyond the legal work, they will often go out of their way to help you in other ways.

A consult with a music attorney will cost you at least $350, and may just lead to a life-long working relationship and even friendship.

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