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Being on stage doesn’t require you to betray your personality.
Originally published: June 9, 2020

Can Introverts Be Entertainers?

Yes! There’s no need to feel like an imposter just because you are a singer who happens to be an introvert. Vocal coach and proud introvert Mark Baxter has performed over 3,000 gigs as a lead singer; he knows that introversion is actually more common than you might think in entertainers. 

As an introvert, you will need to approach performance a little differently than the extroverts out there. Mark suggests that you script all or part of your in-between song “patter,” approaching these spoken interactions with the same planning and intention as your songs. Another trick for introverted performers is to consider yourself to be the caring host of a party when you are on stage. You may not be the wild and crazy person in the centre at a party, but when you are on stage, you’ll feel more at ease by simply thinking of yourself as host to your “guests.”

During this time of isolation, all the introverts out there may be finding life more tolerable than the extroverts! You see, introverts charge their batteries by being alone, whereas extroverts charge up by being with other people. But that’s not all. Mark explains that introverts have an inflated sense of self importance. Ouch? Well, it makes sense, when you think about it. 

Mark suggests that introverted singers should do a little homework: strike up a low-risk conversation with the cashier while at the grocery store checkout or similar. See if you can engage the person serving you. Talk about yourself, the weather, the news… and see if they’ll listen. This is amazing practice for engaging an audience while on stage, and you don’t have to worry about goofing it up as it’s only one person who doesn’t have an expectation of being entertained.

To learn more about how introverts can be engaging entertainers, purchase a premium account and take Mark Baxter’s lesson The Introverted Entertainer

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