Build a Community from Your Voice: Javier Yuch

Javier Yuch in the Studio
Singer-songwriter Javier Yuch shares insights and inspiration on live-streaming, vocal freedom and connecting with fans.

Javier Yuch’s singing has been reaching far beyond his native Argentina through Twitch. His fans are just loving his originals and covers – and he clearly enjoys the virtual connection he has with them.  Some of us at Singdaptive have been tuning in and tapping our toes!

Highlights of Javier’s career include meeting Eric Martin of Mr. Big and sharing the stage with him to sing “To Be With You”. Javier has toured, works as a session singer, and has recently been thrilled to be sharing his love for music through live streaming. 

What were one or two critical steps you took to reach larger audiences with your music?

I decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment. I had been spending too much time doing things over and over waiting to be perfect but that only delayed me from reaching the right people for that right moment. Once I stepped away from this more people became interested in my music.

Javier on Twitch connecting with fans.

A favorite quote that inspires you

Music is freedom, no time, no rules, it’s the closest thing that we have to paradise.

In terms of your own singing – a key turning point in developing your own unique vocal work? 

Realizing that I didn’t need to try to be someone else – your singing is unique. It reflects your life and your history. Be the best version you.

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned in terms of vocal health?

The most important thing for the vocal cords is to rest and to stretch; they get strong and respond properly when you listen to your body.

An object (at home) that inspires you in your musical work

My MATE (Argentina’s most famous infusion drink)

What’s an important lesson you’ve learned in terms of technique?

When you want to reach a note that’s in the top part of your range, go for it – but don’t push it. I like thinking of the concept of “allowing” myself to reach a note rather than pushing. 

Live Stream Best Moments on Javier’s YouTube Channel

A vocal artist who inspires you? 

Steven Tyler

What is it about their singing that inspires you?

He has no filter – he is a tornado of passion and style. One in a billion.

What’s your relationship with social media – what do you do that “works” / or that you like doing?

Reaching out to fans and having positive communication is the key to success. My listeners and I have a real connection trough music – and that’s solid gold.

Any social media “fails” or “successes” for you?

Javier Yuch in live performance

One time I made a cover of “Let it go” from Frozen in Spanish. It became the most viewed video on my channel. I don’t know if that is a fail or a success… You tell me.

What are you currently working on in terms of your music-career?

I’m now in a temporary break from live shows because of Covid. But I guess this gave me an opportunity to connect with my audience and grow my fan base by live streaming. I made my music and some covers live on Twitch and people love to be part of that having the chance to request songs and chat with me instantly.

What are some of your career dreams/goals?

Staying healthy to continue doing what I want. I think that life always gives  opportunities related with what one wants to do. My only goal in life is to be able to sing. The rest is a consequence of that. But of course I would love to have the chance to record something with Steven Tyler!

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