Audition Preparedness Checklist

Use this checklist to get a handle on your upcoming audition.

Beside each item below you will find a “Target.” Place an in the part of the target you feel is most appropriate.  

Put an X in the area that most fits your reality as you approach your audition

When all of your X’s are in the smallest circle, then you are ready for your audition. The next largest area means that you are on your way – but not quite there.  The area furthest from the small circle indicated that you need to really address this area.

You may find that you are able to immediately place some X’s in the “Ready” area now.     

1. I have a headshot and resume
that shows who I am
2. I have set aside time to do my
warming up at home rather
than in the waiting room.
3. I have practiced some simple
breathing exercises to reduce
my anxiety.
4. My songs and/or my lines are
fully memorised.
5. I am determined not to analyse
my song/performance to death.
6. I have a copy of my music for
the accompanist. This has been
checked for readability and
ease of page-turning.
7. I have thought through how I
will display kindness and

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