Apply Stanislavski to Your Song

Think of a song you are working on at the moment. Now, read the quote below from Konstantin Stanislavski’s An Actor Prepares with your song in mind. Take note of ideas it gives you in relation to your song.

Even though Stanislavski is writing for actors, you might discover that he is also writing with you and your singing performance in mind!

If this quote speaks to you, you may wish to read the entire book.

Today the Director opened his remarks by telling us what we must always do when the author, the director, and the others who are working on a production, leave out things we need to know. We must have, first of all, an unbroken series of supposed circumstances in the midst of which our exercise is played. Secondly we must have a solid line of inner visions bound up with those circumstances, so that they will be illustrated for us. During every moment we are on the stage, during every moment of the development of the action of the play, we must be aware either of the external circumstances which surround us (the whole material setting of the production), or of an inner chain of circumstances which we ourselves have imagined in order to illustrate our parts. Out of these moments will be formed an unbroken series of images, something like a moving picture. As long as we are acting creatively, this film will unroll and be thrown on the screen of our inner vision, making vivid the circumstances among which we are moving. Moreover, these inner images create a corresponding mood, and arouse emotions, while holding us within the limits of the play.” 
― Konstantin Stanislavski

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