Action! What Makes Lessons Stick

Clapboard showing Singdaptive lesson action filming

As we work on polishing our lessons for launch, we’re spending a good amount of time on a feature we call Actions. Taking an Action in a lesson could involve watching a video for more in-depth understanding, journaling, singing with some recorded audio exercises, committing to a recurring practice task and more. Generally, Actions are taken after watching the video lesson.

Actions are a component of all our lessons. They give an opportunity for reflection and experience. Both these words are very important.


When we learn we need a chance to think about, codify and re-tell our experiences. This is called reflection. We often focus on learning through “doing” – which is a good thing:-) We learn even more effectively, however, when we have time to reflect. Actions give a chance for you to reflect on the lessons you’re learning on Singdaptive.


If you’re not having experiences, there isn’t anything to reflect on. Although our lesson videos themselves are experiences, our actions often include specific experiences you commit to that help give a practical side to your learning.

Give me the research

If you’re interested in some research on these learning concepts, Harvard Business School did an interesting study looking at reflection and experience. BC Campus OpenEd shares some details on delivering experiential learning.

It’s all about choice

We spend a lot of time saying, “you’re a unique singer.” The benefit of being unique is best played out when you have choice in your learning. Learning is about giving you, the singer, the opportunity to decide how to further engage with a lesson. Many lessons include multiple actions. You decide which actions you take. This individual control helps you navigate your own path.

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