30 Day Screaming Challenge | Vocal Technique for Rockers

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Does screaming damage your voice?
Published: Sept 7, 2021

30 Day Screaming Challenge

Image of Kaitie Sly host of Between the Vocal Folds
Between the Vocal Folds is Singdaptive’s newest podcast all about singing and the voice. Every episode features a guest from the music industry exploring a variety of singing topics with host and Singdaptive instructor, Kaitie Sly.
This week it’s David Wu, who is the CEO and founder of Riff Shop, which has a YouTube following of over 159,000 subscribers who want to take their metal screaming to the next level. David took on a 30-day learning how-to-scream challenge, and is now offering a free screaming crash course to his students. David shares tips on the technique for screaming and shares his journey from leaving the corporate world to becoming a full time musician

You can listen to this week’s episode here.  By singing up for a free account you can access the the entire season! 

Vocal Technique for Rockers

Mark Baxter has been a vocal coach for Journey, Aerosmith and many others. In this course you will be introduced to several exercises aimed at re-setting and re-energizing your voice.

Interested in getting feedback on your singing? Then tryout the new way to do voice lessons.

Tips on Vocal Processors

This week’s Tips from This week’s Tips from the Team are all about vocal processors! Today, we hear from sound engineer, technologist and Singdaptive co-founder, Kevin Alexander, on things to keep in mind when using a digital processor for vocal harmony.

Way Back to Love

We just love the soulful vibes of this new tune released by Vancouver-based afro soul group, Serengeti.

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