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Just look at anyone who has achieved anything, and they have followed these steps.
Originally published: September 8, 2020
Updated: December 4, 2020

3 Steps to Meet Your Goals

I think it is safe to assume most singers reading SingerWeekly want to improve at singing. It struck me how my recent experience with more-mistakes-than-successes photography revealed a trend I’ve noticed in learning. When it comes to improving at any skill – be it for me or other’s I’ve observed – I’ve noticed there are three distinct steps:


Goal: Take a Decent Picture of a Comet
During the summer, I wanted to take a picture of the newly discovered comet Neowise. I took out my decent quality camera, mounted my telephoto lens and snapped some pictures when I spotted Neowise in the sky (BTW that’s like seeing the key signature on a piece of music from a mile a way). The pictures did not turn out so well, which is why I’m not including them in this email!

Inspiration – Step 1: 
I looked online and found a Danish photographer Mads Peter Iversen had some amazing images. Specifically, I noted how photographers often put something in the foreground to create a silhouette against the sky:

Study – Step 2: Online Night Time Photography Course
This lead me on a lengthly (and frustrating!) search for tricks to accomplish my goal. I ended up paying for a short course that helped me better understand the relationship between various settings on my camera and the importance of testing them.

Practice – Step 3: Hundreds of Pictures and Checking the Results
Motivated by my new strategy, I set out to a nearby field, waited for the sun to set and took hundreds of pictures, constantly checking my results. 

I met my goal!
The end result for me is below. I’m proud enough to share this one :-)

As a singer, it’s up to you to figure out your goal, but if you need a little help with that, our SingerPath Survey will get you on your way. Inspiration (step 1) can come from anywhere you experience music. So go and listen to the music that gets you going and lights a fire under you, singers! This is so important. Next, it’s the Study and Practice (steps 2 and 3). Again, this is where we can help. We have a top-notch library of amazing lessons, quizzes and practice exercises to help you take those steps to meet your goals.

Take a step towards your goals! 
Kevin Alexander 
CEO Singdaptive

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